Before We Die

Episode 1

Season 2 Episode 1 | 46m 38s  | Video has closed captioning.  | Video has audio description

Hannah and Billy try to uncover the leak at Police HQ which resulted in the deaths of several of their colleagues. When Hannah’s obsession concerns her boss, she and Billy pursue their own “unofficial” investigation. Christian and Bianca find that their hideout isn’t as safe as it seems. Under pressure to move her cocaine, Dubravka meets with an intermediary who makes her a tempting offer.

Aired: 04/10/23

Expires: 06/21/30

Rating: TV-MA

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Funding for Before We Die is provided by Viking.

More 'Before We Die'


More 'Before We Die'

"Before We Die" is a breathless crime thriller, full of heart-stopping jeopardy and unpredictable twists. It is adapted from the hit Swedish series of the same name, also streaming on PBS.

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